VN-1 antler

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Classification: unidentifiable
Material: antler
Size: length: 11.8 cm, width: 3.5 cm, thickness: 5-8 mm
Condition: complete

Site: Mals / Malles Venosta (Bozen / Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)
Field name: Tartscher Bühel
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 40' 44.54" N, 10° 33' 33.16" E
Find date: 1953
Find circumstances: construction works
Current location: Stadtmuseum Meran / Museo Civico di Merano
Inventory Nr.: 6757

Inscription: VN-1 (lavisielavisealu)

Sources: Mayr 1953: 365–367, fig. 1a, 1b
Mayr 1956b: 245–246 (No. 2), fig. 2
Nothdurfter 2002: 1149 (list 3, No. 6)



Antler point.
Complete but with battered marks. Light brown in colour. Curved; lengthwise sawed through and at the wider end perforated. The upper side smoothly polished; the bottom side however holed.
An inscription along the upper side.



Mayr 1953 Karl M. Mayr, "Rätische Votivinschrift vom Tartscherbühel bei Mals", Der Schlern 27 (1953), 365–367.
Mayr 1956b Karl M. Mayr, "Hirschhornvotive aus den rätischen Bergen", Der Schlern 30 (1956), 245–246.