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Language: Raetic
Word type: verb

Number: singular, plural
Tense: past

Morphemic analysis: þina-χe
Meaning: "(hat/haben) geweiht" (Rix)

Attestation: MA-8 (reiθemuiuþinaχe), MA-9 (pitalelemaisþinake), MA-10 (piþiekerpinake), MA-11 (ẹ]ṣθuvaθinaχe), SZ-1.1 (lasta φirimaþinaχe/χi kaśiχanu), VR-2 (malav·zn), VR-4 (puz·n?χan), VR-10 (ieśulat·naχe), VR-11 (]śt·luχ·zn·χe) (9)


  • The equation of Etr. zinace (or zinake) with Raetic þinaχe goes back to Thurneysen where in fact Etr. zinace means "made/produced".
  • Thurneysen 1933: 1–8
  • Rix 1998: 21, 41–42