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Description: Specifies the layout of rules in the middle part of a frame around an inscription.
Type: Text
Allows value: top, top and bottom, bottom, between, all, none, unknown


Frame lines are any intentionally drawn lines which appear to be connected with an inscription, whether as guide lines, for separating it from another inscription, or for ornamental purposes. "Middle" frame lines are the ones which run along a line, above (top) and/or below (bottom) the letters; in inscriptions with more than one line potentially in between the lines. Unknown indicates that in case of a partly damaged inscription, part of a frame can be seen, while the presence of other parts of the frame may be inferred, but not verified. The absence of a part of the frame line is not noted, even when other parts are there – hence the absence of the value none, which is the default value.

The map below displays the occurence of frame lines including Property:frame right and Property:frame left.


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