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Customary name: kappa

Variants and attestation

Transliteration Sinistroverse Dextroverse
  Glyph Number Glyph Number
K K.png 39 Kd.png 15
K2 K2.png 7 K2d.png 3
K3 K3.png 7 K3d.png 4
K4 K4.png 2 K4d.png 3

The most prevalent form of Kappa is one with full-length bars meeting in the middle. Forms with shortened bars occur sporadically all over the Raetic area; sometimes consistently in one inscription, but also mixed (e.g. IT-5). The very similar variants K3 s and K4 s are distinguished on account of the fact that the former occurs exclusively in a certain type of petrograph (see Raetic epigraphy). This is also the case for rounded K5 s (cp. the frequency of rounded forms of Alpha and Upsilon in rock inscriptions).